Feasibility study for Residential and Commercial developments

If you are thinking of building your new home and you would like to find out what and how you can build, we can assist by giving you the essential information you need to get a clear picture of your development options.

What we do

  • We undertake functional analysis to determine the size and the features of the house you require.
  • We enquire with the relevant Council to clarify planning issues and restrictions.
  • Following the analysis of spatial planning and building options, we produce a planning layout and a concept design for your home.

What you will receive:

  • Floor plans, elevations, concept landscaping, 3D render, and building analysis.
  • Guidance with the exact steps involved in creating your dream home.
  • Provisional timeline of design, permits, and construction process.
  • A summary of applicable architectural and authority scope of works.
  • A draft client-architect agreement and a breakdown of architectural services and fees.
  • One hour of consultation with a registered architect.

Even if you decide not to build with us, this information is the best starting point to give you the essential knowledge to understand what you need and what you can build.

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